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Patrick Patterson goes down with foot injury

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The Rockets will lose Patrick Patterson for a stretch of games after an MRI indicated a bone bruise in his foot.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

According to, the Rockets' starting power forward Patrick Patterson has gone down with a bone bruise in his right foot. Here's the release from the official site:

Houston Rockets forward Patrick Patterson had a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test performed Saturday morning.

Results of the MRI revealed a bone bruise in Patterson's right foot. Patterson will be out while further testing is conducted and a medical course of action is determined.

Rookie forward Terrence Jones is expected to be recalled from Houston's D-League affilliate, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, and to be with the team tomorrow in time for their Sunday afternoon game against the Toronto Raptors.

After a stretch of twenty point performances, Patterson has come back to earth in December, averaging under 10 points per game over the last six games. You have to wonder if Patterson's foot bothered him during that streak, as his usually strong mobility seemed mediocre and his usually mediocre rebounding seemed even worse.

There is a bit of a silver lining to this, however. Greg Smith, who has been playing the best basketball of his career as of late, could be poised to break into the starting lineup alongside Asik, giving the Rockets a pair of mashers up front. The decision of whether to start Smith will be an interesting one, as McHale could either opt to maintain spacing with Marcus Morris at the four, or go with the hot hand and reward Smith alongside the Big O.

Regardless, this is undoubtedly a chance for Smith to play a lot more and showcase what he can bring to the team. Let's hope that he takes advantage, just as we should hope that Patterson comes back as soon as possible. No matter what his shortcomings are, he's still the best power forward on this roster.