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Game #23: Rockets vs. Raptors

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The Rockets kick off what might be the most important road trip of the season in Toronto tonight and will head to the big apple tomorrow. The Raptors aren't having a great season but they had a big win against the Mavs on Friday and play their best ball at home.

2012/2013 NBA Season



December 16th, 2012
Air Canada Centre
12:00 PM CST
Starting Lineups
Jeremy Lin PG Jose Calderon
James Harden SG DeMar DeRozan
Chandler Parsons SF Mickael Pietrus
Marcus Morris PF Ed Davis
Omer Asik C Jonas Valanciunas
2011/12 Advanced Stats
96.5 (1st of 30) Pace 91.5 (19th of 30)
106.3 (11th of 30) ORtg 101.8 (24th of 30)
106.3 (20th of 30) (+2) DRtg 108.5 (28th of 30)

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Patrick Patterson: bruised right foot, out indefinitely

Kyle Lowry: strained right triceps, out indefinitely

Landry Fields: right elbow surgery, out indefinitely

Andrea Bargnani: bruised right elbow, out three weeks

Questions to Consider:

Is there a team in the league worse off right now than the Toronto Raptors? The Raptors have been sliding defensively since day one, two of their best players are injured, and they appear to be a team with no identity or future. The Raptors aren't old, they aren't young, and they don't own their own draft pick this summer. Will the Rockets get an easy win on the road during a crucial stretch of the season?

With Patrick Patterson out, Marcus Morris will be asked to stretch the floor and carry some of the offense. One thing we haven't seen a lot of this season out of the second year forward is a post game. In college, Marcus Morris was a beast out of the high post and excelled at creating his own shot when the offense went stale. If Morris were to rediscover himself as Houston's sole post threat could he jump Patterson in the starting line up?

Can Houston's bench continue to provide a sturdy safety net for the Rockets?