Value of Linsanity??

Hey TDS, I'm a Jazz fan and had a question about how your team values Jeremy Lin. This is mainly in response to the PER diem article I read on ESPN about how Harden and Lin aren't great fits together. So do you guys think that they just need time to learn how to play together, or is this something you're concerned about? Would the team be willing to trade Lin if they got a decent haul back? If they were to trade Lin, what kind of player/assets would you expect in return? Since Jazz fans are all concerned about who our pg of the future will be, Lin intrigues a lot of us. So I took a stab at the trade machine to see if I could work a fair deal.

Millsap is a major upgrade at your PF position, (the one hole you guys really have in your starting lineup). Foye is a great spot up shooter and would work well next to Harden. Burks on a rookie contract wouldn't be a bad return either. If that wasn't enough, Utah could also possibly send a 1st round pick (it'd be mid teens).

Let me know what you guys think!

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