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Rockets at Knicks: Can McHale Make Lin & Harden Work?

SB Nation's Coach Nick breaks down Monday night's blowout at Madison Square Garden.

Coach Nick, the visionary behind BBALLBREAKDOWN, took a closer look at Monday's Rockets vs. Knicks game tape. Check out the video above to see a basketball coach's insights into what the Rockets managed to do right and what the Knicks did wrong. Coach Nick focuses on New York's abusive relationship between a three point shooting offense and a game plan that keeps bigs on the perimeter but there are some interesting bits on the Rockets.

Much like James Harden, Jeremy Lin is an excellent pick and roll ball handler. Lin averages .798 points per possession as a PNR handler to Harden's 1.094 but he hasn't had nearly as many opportunities. Against the Knicks, Lin's aggressive start was fueled by some great decision making coming off of screens. By taking possessions away from Harden and giving them to Lin, would Kevin McHale be hurting or helping the team?