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Royce White set to return to the Rockets?

Embattled rookie Royce White seems poised to return to the Rockets after a lengthy absence.


After nearly two months away from the team, Royce White is set to return and begin working with the Rockets staff on Monday, per Mark Berman of Fox 26.

Here's his report:

Details are sketchy at this point and we don't know in what capacity White will be training with the team, but this is obviously a very good development for the Rockets and White. If they can get White back in the gym, practicing with the team, this year won't necessarily be a lost for both parties.

It will be interesting to see if the arrangements between the Rockets and White change, as White has repeatedly been expressing his concern with a lack of protocol with regard to his situation.

If you remember back a few months, White was a guy many labeled as a potential future star, the "X-Factor" for the Rockets season. The last few months have put a damper on this enthusiasm, but if the Rockets and White can work something out, there's no reason why he can't realize this potential.