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Christmas in Chicago: Rockets vs. Bulls

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The Rockets will begin a difficult road trip tonight on Christmas day in the Windy City. Following tonight's holiday showdown, the Rockets will head to Minnesota to face the reinvigorated Timberwolves and then to San Antonio to do battle with the perpetually relevant Spurs. The Bulls are not the same team without Rose but they field a tenacious defense and will play with conviction on a national stage. Expect some fireworks.

2012/2013 NBA Season


December 25th, 2012
United Center
7:00 PM CST
Starting Lineups
Jeremy Lin PG Kirk Hinrich
James Harden SG Marco Belinelli
Chandler Parsons SF Luol Deng
Marcus Morris PF Carlos Boozer
Omer Asik C Joakim Noah
2012/13 Advanced Stats
96.4 (1st of 30) Pace 90.0 (27th of 30)
108.0 (7th of 30) ORtg 102.7 (23rd of 30)
105.9 (19th of 30) DRtg 100.7 (4th of 30)

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Patrick Patterson: bruised right foot, out indefinitely

Derrick Rose: left knee surgery, out indefinitely

Richard Hamilton: torn plantar fascia left foot, possible for 12/29/2012

Question to Consider:

Joakim Noah had the following to say regarding his upcoming bout with Omer Asik (from CSN Houston): "I wish him nothing but the best. But hopefully, he plays like s*** tomorrow." Earlier this season, Asik got the best of Noah late in the game (despite a largely mediocre performance). Who comes out on top tonight in Chicago?