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The Dream Links: Wednesday December 5

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Dwight Howard sucks and he's ugly and can't read good.

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

That was some game last night. Wow. And for those that couldn't see it DIE IN A FIRE COMCAST!

Your links:

The Emergence of Chandler Parsons - King James Gospel

Houston Rockets: The Problem With Patrick Patterson - Space City Scoop

Houston Rockets: Omer Asik Is The NBA's Most Improved Player So Far - Space City Scoop

Houston Rockets - Not Only About James Harden & Jeremy Lin | Sportige
We have Power Dancers too! - Battle Royale: The Houston Rockets vs. Royce White

As far as Rockets events go, this one still won't end.

Around the Association

NBA players' protection from unions and contracts leave little room for coach influence - ESPN The Magazine Interview Issue - ESPN

Report: New Orleans Hornets changing name to Pelicans - NBA News | FOX Sports on MSN
The team is reportedly changing its name to the Pelicans, in honor of the Louisiana state bird.

NBA -- After a summer of shuffling, the Atlanta Hawks are off to a surprising start - ESPN
After a summer of moves, Atlanta is off to a surprising start, writes Brian Windhorst.

Chuck Klosterman on Gregg Popovich and entertainment in sports - Grantland
The Popovich imbroglio, the Grinnell scoring spree, and the increasingly unclear reasons why sports are supposed to matter.

Your Fantasy Basketball Team Sucks

2012-13 Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire: Ricky Rubio, Robin Lopez, Gary Neal and More

Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire: Dorell Wright, Jermaine O'Neal and more :: KFFL - Article
Find out which waiver wire options warrant fantasy attention this week.

Kyle Lowry, Marc Gasol, Joakim Noah providing fantasy numbers that are unique for their position - Fantasy Basketball - ESPN
John Cregan highlights a handful of players who produce numbers that are unique for the position they qualify at, including Kyle Lowry (rebounds, blocks), Marc Gasol (assists, free throw percentage) and Joakim Noah (assists, steals).

Mo Williams, Luol Deng among those playing better than the common perception suggests - Fantasy Basketball - ESPN
Seth Landman focuses on players who are living up to fantasy expectations, though the common perception is that they're not.