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Game 22 Preview: Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs

Seriously? The Spurs again! It's like they play in our division or something.

Once again, there's no point in writing a full preview for a Spurs game. We know their offense. They know our offense. They have Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. They are sans Manu Ginobili.

We have Kyle Lowry, whom I'm starting to get worried about. We also have a defense that couldn't stop a nose bleed against Minny. At home.

That about cover things?

Actually, speaking about Lowry, should the Rockets rest him tonight in San Antonio like the Spurs did with Duncan when they came to town. I know Duncan is older and the back-to-backs are tougher for big guys, but Lowry just looks frustrated and a little tired. Maybe a break would be good for him? Just spit-balling here.

Also, it's time for a trivia game to determine who wins the amazing contest of being able to write a preview for Monday's game against Denver. I want to make this semi-hard, so it's a three part question, and only two of which can be found online. I won't say who the winner is until they get all three parts right.

1. Who holds the record for most three pointers in a game in Rockets history?

2. How many did this player hit?

3. He almost hit one more in that game, but it didn't count. Who passed him the ball a split-second too late?

Oh, and make sure to check out the enemy blog of the day, the incredible Pounding The Rock.

Oh, and tip-off is at 7:30pm, not 7pm.

And I haven't done a Calvin and Hobbes strip for a while, so this should make up for that, though you may have to actually go to youtube to see it. Sorry.

Community-Calvin & Hobbes (via minze103)