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I'm told there's this thing called "Twitter"

Late on Monday evening, I did something I told myself I would never do:

I created a Twitter account. Yes, @grungedave is now a thing.

I kinda sorta hate myself for doing this, but... hey, there's important people to follow. Some of them even have the ability to break news. And some are just awesome like Arian Foster. And I feel I have been missing out.

With the Rockets playing the Spurs yet again tonight, I figured this might be an excellent opportunity to test out the limits of this new social media network. How many angry tweets does it take to break the system? If the Rockets continue to play shoddy defense and miss free throws, I'll quickly forget they won 9 of 10. Equally relevant, how many times will Timmah and Frenchy piss me off? And how can I adequately express my emotional state in 140 characters or less?

Just the thing that might work better on Twitter than it would in a comments section here (maybe).

Oh, and GO ROCKETS! (In this weird season, the Rockets suddenly have just as good a chance as anyone to win the West. Even if it won't count for anything in the end.)

* also, if anyone has good suggestions on NBA players/media/personnel worth following, post some names for me in the comments. Thanks!