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Rockets Leading the Chris Kaman Bandwagon

According to Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick, your Houston Rockets might be about to have not one, but two centers on their roster.

While no deal is imminent and the pieces are still being discussed, sources said the talks have involved the Rockets' two top-10 picks from the 2009 draft -- center Hasheem Thabeet (No. 2 by Memphis) and power forward Jordan Hill (No. 8 by New York). The Rockets have other young former first-rounders who could be included as well, among them second-year forward Patrick Patterson, third-year point guard Jonny Flynn and third-year small forward Terrence Williams. They also have a 2012 first-round pick from the Knicks that the Hornets would love to obtain.

Now, we all realize that this is a move for the contract, not the player, but that trade right there looks to be a steal if it only costs the "09ers" to get done. I still don't like hearing the words Patrick Patterson listed in there, but that seems to come up in all of these potential deals.

An expiring $14 million contract sure sounds quite intriguing for whatever Morey has in mind for the offseason.