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Utah Jazz At Houston Rockets Game Thread

First thread I've put up in a while, make sure you have your prediction in the game preview put up by AK. This is my first formal post in a while. Hopefully I can make a habit out of bothering everyone more often than not once I get a grip on this clinic work thing. Hope the game turns out well for the Rockets and I might keep an eye on things, I'm trying to get caught up on work. The important thing is for you guys to have fun anyhow, right? Sit back, enjoy the game and hopefully enjoy a win for the good guys at the hands of our downtrodden rivals. Their roster has been gutted but they have some up and coming big men that are bound to make us jealous. Just how long do I have to stretch this freakin' word limit?


Weird Utah Jazz Fan Dancing (via ChristianWheel)