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Rockets Recall Marcus Morris, Who Must Be Dizzy At This Point

The Rockets have recalled forward Marcus Morris from the Rio Grande Valley Vipers... again. They've sent him down twice already -- now he's back. I suspect he'll stick around longer this time, unless Daryl Morey shows up drunk at the airport to tell Morris he's just screwing with him, man.

It's easy to see this as a potential trade signal. Jordan Hill's injury doesn't necessarily open up playing time for a player Houston projects as a small forward, and Greg Smith is here to take that spot as it is. You don't fake out Greg Smith, or else Greg Smith will finish you.

So what gives? Does Houston think Morris has done all he can in D-League play? Maybe. We'll see how McHale manages minutes, and if anyone could lose time, it's likely Chase Budinger, who has cooled off following his recent renaissance week. I don't care how bad a free throw shooter Chandler Parsons is, he's not going to the bench.

In the end, I think the Rockets are taking a first step towards finally working Morris into the rotation on a permanent basis. That's the indication to me, as opposed to anything trade-related. He's surely motivated at this point to grab a role -- his brother is tearing it up in Phoenix and as much as I love the Vipers, at some point in the mind of a lottery pick, enough's enough. But Morris needs to prove he belongs fairly soon, or else Daryl could start making a few calls.

Just kidding. We've been shocked before, but I'm really, one hundred percent kidding.