Massive 3-Team Deal to bring Pau to the Rockets

Los Angeles gets Brandon Jennings, Stephen Jackson and Drew Gooden. Milwaukee gets Luis Scola, Hasheem Thabeet (expiring), Courtney Lee, Goran Dragic Houston (finally) gets Pau Gasol. In Compton native Brandon Jennings, the Lakers would finally have a legit point guard and sorely needed offensive creator. Now that the triangle offense is a fading memory, L.A. is no longer a place where point guards go to die…or stand passively in the corner and feed the post. Sure, Jennings isn’t the most efficient scorer, but he would inject athleticism and dynamism into a team full of aging legs and ice buckets. At 22, he has a high ceiling and combined with Bynum (24), could make the post-Kobe era more palatable. Old war-hawk Stephen Jackson is a gamble considering the year he’s had so far, but would it really shock you if he turned it around playing on a contender? There’s no doubting that he’s a player who thrives in big moments. L.A. should not be too concerned with what he’s done on a struggling Bucks team with a disciplinarian coach who clearly doesn’t like him. He still has a couple of good years left. We already know how desperately Daryl Morey wants Gasol. Considering he was willing to trade Kevin Martin, Luis Scola AND a first round pick in December, this trade is actually more favorable to Houston. Sure, they’d be losing Lee and Dragic, two young guards with bright futures, but they’d be going forward with Lowry, Martin and Gasol as their three-best players. Milwaukee loses arguably its brightest star, but considering Jennings’ ominous comments about doing his homework on big market teams, maybe getting something for him now is the best option for everyone involved. In Dragic and Lee, the Bucks would receive young guards full who need game-time experience to develop. Getting Scola would be a steal and if Andrew Bogut is ever able to avoid injury (who am I kidding?), Milwaukee could very well have the best front-line in the conference.