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Game 24 Preview: Houston Rockets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Uber-short preview for tonight's game. Mainly because we've played the T-Wolves twice in the last couple of weeks. We know they have Adelman, and Love, and Rubio. I think that's it. Or at least ESPN would have me believe that's their entire team. But we know better.

They also have Michael Beasley.

So in a game of five against three the Rockets should take this one easily. Though I do hear Kahn is going to sign some people off the street in order to fill out a roster. Apparently there are a few European 7-footers who live in Minneapolis. Crazy.

The Rockets couldn't have drawn last night's game up any better. Plenty of rest for the starters, a comfortable win, Lowry looked good, Scola started to feel it, the bench played exceptionally well, and no one got injured. Yeah, it was sloppy, and you can't do that against a team like Minny, but as Xiane pointed out Phoenix conceded the game by the middle of the third quarter.

Remember, the prediction game has a bonus today. In addition to guess the score, you can guess if Kevin Love will outrebound Scola, Dalembert, and Hill tonight.

I say the Wolves win 109-97 and the Rockets trio outrebound the beast.

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