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The Dream Shake Ticket Deals! - OKC, Jazz, Memphis and Denver

Usually we get some really great prices for some, well, how do I put it "easy wins". This time we have some really good games.

If you think Kevin Durant is the best player in basketball (you should), then have we got a deal for you.

We all know that the Jazz, Karl Malone, John Stockton, and Jerry Sloan suck, right? Well you can see ONE of those three live get beaten by your Houston Rockets, I'll let you guess which on.

What about Bears from the middle of Tennessee? Yep, got that too.

How about proof that you don't need a superstar to compete? (You know, besides our team), The Denver Nuggets may be your choice.

No matter how you choose, one, or multiple, you'll get to see two teams on the court at a time that have legitimate playoff chances.

From the Ticket Office:

Don’t miss as the Rockets take on some of the best in the west. Come out and see as we take on the OKC Thunder on February 15th, Utah Jazz on Sunday February 19th, Memphis Grizzlies on February 20th or the Denver Nuggets on Friday March 2nd. Upper level seats starting at $13 and the lower bowl starting at $35.

Click on the link below or go to and enter promo code: thedreamshake

Call John Donovan at 713-758-7453 to order over the phone.

Email questions to

Promotion code: thedreamshake