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Houston Rockets at New Jersey Nets Gamethread


Here's your game thread for tonight's action. It's essentially just an injury list. The Rockets are playing without Kyle Lowry, Goran Dragic is gimpy, I don't know the status of Jordan Hill. We may be preparing for life without Kyle Lowry anyhow but the upshot is that we'll have finality in when you wake up in 6 days. The Nyets are missing Deron Williams and Robin Lopez. Basically this turns into what New Jersey's future could potentially be against guys who may be having increased roles for the Rockets soon. Enjoy the game and remember, this is going to be sloppy and we're going to regret it in the morning no matter how it turns out.

I really hate having to dig for this 151 word limit and I really wish I had something more to offer. Instead here is just an example list of rambling as I pushed to reach the limit. PLAY DARK SOULS.