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Rockets Look For First Winning Streak Of March Vs. Cavaliers

<strong>DeShawn Stevenson will now be referred to as "Steve"</strong>
DeShawn Stevenson will now be referred to as "Steve"

So since it's unusual that too many people read the Sunday previews anyway, and because it's a back-to-back, I'll keep this one short.

Cleveland is 15-23 but playing good basketball right now. They've been in plenty of close games this season and just beat the Oklahoma CIty Thunder in OKC on Friday. Two nights earlier, they beat the Nuggets in Denver.

Just the basics: the Cavs start Kyrie Irving, Anthony Parker, Alonzo Gee, Antawn Jamison, and Ryan Hollins. Off the bench are Daniel Gibson, Ramon Sessions, Omri Casspi (the Playa from Judea), Samardo Samuels, and Tristan Thompson.

I want to say that I liked Irving in the few games he played in college. I knew he would be a good player in the NBA, but I didn't think he would be this good this fast. He's averaging 18/6 but has gotten better as the season has progressed. He's also their go-to guy in the clutch, and most likely to kick the Rockets butts tonight. There's really no one outside of Courtney Lee that will be able to contain him with Kyle Lowry still out.

With the extra day of rest for the Cavs, and the fact that they're playing at home, look for them to take this one, 108-97.

Tip is at 5pm CST.

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