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Rockets vs. Cavaliers Game Thread

Early game tonight, so a slow start is to be expected. As I type this, though, the good guys lead 13-7.

Important facts to note:

1. Kevin Martin is wearing a headband. Maybe it will give him some good feelings.

2. Matt Bullard is sick. So not only will you have to listen to poor commentary from him, but it's going to sound like a rat crawled into his throat before the game started.

3. Rockets have a day off tomorrow followed by another back to back.

4. This has to get to 150 words, which is an abstract number.

5. Since I started typing this, the score has changed to 15-14. And the Cavs are headed to the line to take the lead.

6. Scola has hit his first five shots and has 10 points. Don't worry, his defense is still nonexistent.

7. Have a good night everyone. Don't know how much of this I'll be able to watch.