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NBA Trade Deadline: Your Houston Rockets Trade Rumor Thread

Here you go, folks. Have at it in the comments, and whenever possible try to post links to anything you find.

A few early notes:

1) Dwight Howard has waived his ETO, meaning he'll come off the books in 2013, right when Kevin Martin's contract expires. To me, that signals a Deron Williams-to-Dallas endgame: he's from the area, Dallas has the money and they have the winning pedigree. Anyone signing with Dallas knows Mark Cuban wants rings and that he's capable of delivering them. As for Howard, he'll probably get traded next February.

2) The Indiana Pacers traded a second-round pick for Leandro Barbosa, effectively taking themselves out of the running for Chris Kaman. Kaman's price is apparently dropping by the minute, to the point where New Orleans might accept a second-round pick for him in return. Houston could jump all over this opportunity, assuming they want to take on Kaman's contract. If they made such a move, I have a feeling it might be the lone deal of the day and would reveal an expectation to compete in the playoffs this season.

3) Reports suggest Gerald Wallace is headed to New Jersey for Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams and a protected first round pick. That helps New Jersey, a team currently five games back of the New York Knicks, and hurts Portland, who seems to be bowing out of contention by the minute. This could keep Houston's playoff chances very much alive and impact what the Rockets decide to do with Dragic, etc.

Post away, people!