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Anyone else starting to think the Knicks magically get a top 3 pick?

The Houston Rockets own the New York Knickerbockers' pick this year, and as Rockets fans, we are rightly excited about the Knicks current plight. If the season ended today, the Knicks would pick ninth. I think we can all agree that in a 20-25 player deep draft, the ninth pick would be something that could turn the Rockets' luck around. Given how well Morey drafts in the late teens to twenties, drafting in the top 10 in this draft would give the Rockets a chance at something special. But as Lee Corso used to say, "Not so fast my friend"*

Houston does indeed own the Knicks pick, but only if the lottery does not bless them with a top 3 pick, or if they don't suck all the way into the top 5. There is no way at this point that they can get to bottom 5 worst records (okay, it COULD happen, but it's not going to), so that leaves David Stern's NBA Draft black magic. The same voodoo that brought you this:

That's right, I truly believe that the frozen envelope/bent envelope was in play that year. So given that, and Stern's apparent appreciation of boning the Rockets' trades, could it happen again?

I'm not a huge conspiracy theorist, and the Rockets did once benefit from the lottery in getting the number one overall pick, when they should have been 14th**, but this is the same league that brought you the above, the Tim Donaghy scandal (and you are oblivious if you think he was/still is the only one), and allowed guys like Joey Crawford and Jake O'Donnell to referee forever. Crawford T'd Tim Duncan up for laughing at him, on what was an absolutely terrible call I might add, while Duncan was sitting on the bench. O'Donnell was so obvious that he refused to shake Clyde Drexler's hand, then double tech-ed him for effectively nothing. Even the NBA had to do something about it because it was so blatant. It's the same league that somehow decided to kill the Rockets trade to the Hornets and Lakers even though it was an infinitely better deal. The same league that allows a clearly bumbling/almost assuredly racist Donald Sterling own a team, but rewarded him with Chris Paul. And before that let the Sonics move out of Seattle even though the owners clearly had no plans to do that before buying the team *wink*.

So, in a draft this deep, don't we, at least deep down, want the Knicks to get the worst record that makes the playoffs so these types of shenanigans can't happen?

If the Rockets do someone get an 8th or 9th pick though I want Austin Rivers.

And just for fun, just to show you how big of a cheater Joey Crawford was:

* I still like to think of Corso as pre-2007 Corso, not post dementia Corso

** I think it was 14th, but I'm too lazy to look it up