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Patrick Patterson Did Not Care For The [Referees] Against The Clippers

Hey there, NBA.

You may have noticed this tweet from Patrick Patterson, the one he posted following the Rockets' loss to the LA Clippers Saturday afternoon. Apparently, Patrick was unhappy with a particular aspect of the game... but I'm clueless as to what that aspect might be. You see, I have no idea what four consecutive stars may signify. Isn't that a riot? Four stars in a row like that? Have a look for yourselves.


My best guess for you, after further review, is that the four stars in question represent the F-word.

That's right. The F-word. But in knowing that Twitter is full of young fans and aspiring basketball players whose innocent souls remain clean and unscathed, Patrick did his due diligence and chose to blur it out. And for that, I think he deserves recognition. He's clearly on-point here, too. It's obvious how "biased and one sided the f*ck are in this league."

So, if you could please ignore Patrick's transgressions and instead search within your hearts to praise him, I think that would be just grand.


Tom Martin

(Note: For real, Patterson is probably going to get fined for this. The **** is "refs." But hey, who cares? I don't think the officiating merited losing money over a tweet, but it's clear Patterson thought Chris Paul got some star cals and that Patterson himself got a raw deal against the often-too-physical Blake Griffin in the post. Kudos to him for losing his cool AFTER the whistle. He kept his composure on the court and kept Houston in the game.)