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Game Thread: Los Angeles Lakers At Houston Rockets

This face is the determination look.
This face is the determination look.

The Lakers are at the Toyota Center tonight to take on the Houston Rockets. Come see the man who caused Houston fans to obsess from the pre-season (Pau Gasol) against the team that Derek Fisher didn't want anything to do with. Houston continues to recover from injuries with Kyle Lowry still out and Kevin Martin still nursing a sore... something or other. Hopefully Kobe Bryant is kept under control and the Rockets can continue to integrate new piece Marcus Camby. I still need to get over the post limits on this thing but 150 words just to clear the post limit? Come on?

Hopefully you got in on the prediction action with TCHWRO as I have lost a few games worth of work with my road trip last week. The Rockets look to gain momentum in the standings and this is one of the "must watch" games from my post a few days ago to start to see what Ramon Sessions is bringing to this Lakers team early and how the Rockets can compete with it.