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Dream Shake Ticket Deals: Rockets vs. Nuggets or Hornets

The Rockets have some big games coming up and we're here to help you get to them cheaper. You can choose from either of both of the Nuggets game on the 16th and the Hornets game on the 26th. As always these are the cheapest tickets you are going to get directly from the Rockets. Let's try and fill this place up, the games have been getting closer and closer to selling out and bringing the team down the home stretch.

Houston Rockets ticket pass available for the following 2 games!

4/16 Denver Nuggets

4/26 New Orleans Hornets

Click on the button below or go to, enter your promo code and start saving today!

Promotion Code: thedreamshake
Please contact your Rockets representative, John Donovan at 713-758-7453 if you have any questions!