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Phoenix Suns at Houston Rockets Gamethread


Apologies for the late game thread. Didn't know who was on top of it and I'm not really tethered to this thing. Hopefully someone else can snag the recap since I have to be up early tomorrow. The Rockets take on the Phoenix Suns in the ghosttown Toyota Center in Houston. The Rockets are looking to solidify playoff seeding in a game that I'm considering a must-win but most analysts aren't. Steve Nash leads a surging Phoenix Suns team and the Rockets take their depleted line up in. How will Marcus Camby perform? Can Dragic continue playing his way out of Houston? We'll see. All that and more to be answered at the end of the night. The Rockets need this game to clinch the tiebreaker between these two squads and all but guarantee their spot in the playoffs. The game is televised nationally on ESPN so expect a bunch of crappy analysis and mistakes as to who is on this roster. This is Houston's ONLY nationally televised regular season game this year. Enjoy!