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Maybe The Rockets Won't Look Terrible Tonight Against The Nuggets


"Maybe we won't suck tonight" is basically what I was going for in the title.

Against the Jazz, the first half doomed the Rockets. Against the Suns, it was the third quarter.

Then against the Nuggets, it was the third quarter that killed us.

So by that logic, tonight we'll screw up the first quarter. Or the whole game. It's really not a true pattern, unless you're a fan of the Rockets. Then you get it. Expect the worst but hope for the best but even when it's the best you know the worst is lurking around the corner. Sounds about right?

So, it's take two against the Nuggets. This time we're back at the Toyota Center. That didn't help against the Jazz and Suns, and Denver enters the building tonight knowing three important facts.

1. They won here earlier this year.

2. They just beat the Rockets last night.

3. If Marcus Camby doesn't play, they won't be able to tell the difference between their pre-game lay-up lines and the actual action of the game.

Just to cheer us all up, I've got a catchy tune that I'm throwing up here. Maybe I'll borrow (read: completely steal) the Song of the Game idea from Denver Stiffs.

Daft Punk - Crescendolls (via emimusic)

Prediction: Rockets 100-95. Rockets play poorly in the first quarter, bounce back and win after McHale pulls out his own hair and then proceeds to throw a chair.