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Rockets Look For Miracle In Miami Today

<strong>Mama, there goes <em>that</em> man.</strong>
Mama, there goes that man.

So Utah gets a Dwight Howard-less Orlando Magic team and still needs overtime to beat them at home.

That's just the typical Rockets luck, isn't it?

So for the Rockets to make the playoffs, and it's the most unlikely of scenarios, here's what has to happen.

1. The Rockets have to win out. Duh. That means wins over Miami today and New Orleans on Thursday.

2. Phoenix and Utah play Tuesday. If Utah wins, they're in. So we need Phoenix to win. That way, if the Rockets beat Miami today, all three teams are 34-31 with one to play.

3. The Rockets have no tiebreakers over either team. So, they need Phoenix to lose at home on Wednesday to San Antonio. If the Suns win, the Rockets are done, and they will know their fate before the Thursday game against the Hornets.

4. If the Suns lose, the Rockets ALSO need the Jazz to lose on Thursday at home to the Trail Blazers. The same Blazers they beat Wednesday by 21 at the Rose Garden. Then the Rockets have to beat New Orleans, which they've proven that they cannot do.

In summary, the Rockets hopes might rest on a Miami team that isn't willing to play their stars in their last home game of the season (ridiculous), a Suns team to go into SLC and win (unlikely), that same Suns team to lose to a Spurs team that might not send their stars because they don't care enough about the first seed (you know it's true), and then the Jazz have to lose their most important game of the season at home to a team that they know they can beat and a team that is trying to tank even though they really can't fall any further.

So you're saying there's a chance?

Oh yeah so there's some Heat in this preview:

HEAT - Trailer - (1995) - HQ (via ryy79)

Tip-off is at 5pm CST.

Updates galore: No Wade, Bosh, or Chalmers for Miami. Kyle Lowry and Kevin Martin have been shut down for the season.

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