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Rockets @ Kings Gamethread Easter Edition

You know how you have teams that aren't your favorite, but you like to see win and do well as long as it doesn't cost the Rockets anything? Sacramento is one of those teams to me. Part of that is the generally funny, fanatical and fatalistic fanbase at Sactown Royalty, part of that is my memories of the excellent Rick Adelman Kings teams that got royally screwed in the playoffs.

How the Maloofs brothers went from having Fortress Arco to moving into a parking lot in Anaheim or something (as far as I can tell the parking lot is a big part of the deal, not a good sign) is one of the sadder stories in the NBA. I hope things come right for a town that's supported the Kings above and beyond the call of duty and has essentially received a slap in the face from failed casino mongers in return.

As I like the Kings and want to help them, the best thing to do for them is beat them tonight, so they can have a better pick. They certainly didn't waste their shot on Cousins, who I'd like to see have a quiet game tonight.

Anyway, all the best to The Sacramento Home for Wayward Rockets, except we need the win tonight.

EDIT: Kyle Lowry is active tonight. According to Jonathan Feigen, they'll "play it by ear."