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Updates On The Playoffs, Day 4


Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks

No Ray Allen? No problem...for the Hawks. Out indefinitely, Allen's absence has shrunk the Celtics offense. I don't care how surprising Avery Bradley is or how hard Kevin Garnett is playing. No Allen means bad things for the Celtics.

But even more worrisome for the Celtics is Rajon Rondo's game 2 suspension. In fact, if you hate the Heat this is a big one too. With Dwight Howard out, Derrick Rose injured, and Allen questionable, Rondo is the biggest obstacle between the Miami Heat and the NBA Finals. If the Hawks win game 2 and eventually the series, will the Heat be worried about anything at all? The Pacers haven't exactly lit the world on fire in their first two games, the Bulls no longer have a player who can break down a defense at will, and the Hawks don't worry the Heat at all.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Chicago Bulls

Speaking of the Bulls, they are going to take this personally. Everyone and their mothers has written them off now. They went 18-9 without Rose this season so they know they can win games without him.

Remember when Yao went down against the Lakers and everyone said, "It's over for the Rockets" and then they took the Lakers to game 7? I could totally see the Bulls getting through the Sixers, Hawks/Celtics, and then challenge the Heat without Rose. I don't think they can win, but they aren't going to go quietly into the good night.

Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Of the game 1s, both of the early Sunday matchups seemed like regular season games. Both the Lakers and Spurs took down their opponents with very little trouble. Really, both teams took all the intensity out of the situation, which you expect from two teams that have been there before.

As they say, good teams makes games seem boring. So, by that theory, all baseball teams are amazing.

Anyway, I've got the home teams taking all three games tonight.