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A Brief Thank You To The Armed Forces

Getty Images for NASCAR

This weekend, we enjoy an extra day off of work to go golfing, sleep in, watch the NBA Playoffs, or other general nonsense. What is sometimes lost in the shuffle is why we celebrate this holiday, to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty.

In basketball, we often talk about a selfless player who takes less money to help a team or gives everything on the floor to help his team win, but the selflessness exhibited by those who serve in all of our Armed Forces puts everything in perspective.

So yes, enjoy your day off from work, but also remember why you have the opportunity to live in this amazing country. Remember why you have the opportunity to spend hours whining about Kevin McHale's rotations or David Stern's veto.

And to anyone who serves or has served in the United States Armed Forces, today we say thank you. There is no way that a couple of hundred words can convey how much that commitment means to us. Nevertheless, it'll have to do. Thank you and God bless.