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The Dream Shake 2012 Mock Draft: Pick Nineteen

Am I the only one who's going to miss this guy?
Am I the only one who's going to miss this guy?

The draft order has been established. Your devoted writers here at the Dream Shake have set up a mock draft, but you know what? I've never understood coffee. I mean, it keeps me awake, and it smells great, but it tastes terrible. We will be going through the first round of the draft with our selections and I’m not sure anyone reads this anymore (except AK) and our reasons why we think we will correctly predict the whole damn thing. Pork.

1. New Orleans Hornets: Anthony Davis

2. Charlotte Bobcats: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

3. Washington Wizards: Andre Drummond

4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Harrison Barnes

5. Sacramento Kings: Thomas Robinson

6. Portland Trail Blazers: Bradley Beal

7. Golden State Warriors: Terrence Jones

8. Toronto Raptors: Perry Jones III

9. Detroit Pistons: John Henson

10. New Orleans Hornets: Damian Lillard

11. Portland Trail Blazers: Jared Sullinger

12. Milwaukee Bucks: Meyers Leonard

13. Phoenix Suns: Dion Waiters

14. Houston Rockets: Jeremy Lamb

15. Philadelphia 76ers: Tyler Zeller

16. Houston Rockets (Via New York): Kendall Marshall

17. Dallas Mavericks: Austin Rivers

18. Minnesota Timberwolves: Moe Harkless

So I picked the Orlando Magic because I had no clue what they were going to do and I thought, "Hey why not research the pick?" So here we are. The Magic can go in so many directions with this pick, especially with all the holes and "The Dwight Ultimatum."

So let's head over the jump and see why I think the Magic will take Brandon Davis with this pick. Or someone else. Probably someone else.

If the season started today, the Magic's starting lineup would most likely be Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, Ryan Anderson, and Dwight Howard, with JJ Redick, Chris Duhon, and Glen Davis coming off the bench.


Nelson has a player option for this season, and it wouldn't be surprising to see him take it, even if it is worth $7.9 million. You see, the Magic have no coach and no GM. Plus Nelson hasn't been getting much press with all the Dwight stuff. That's enough to piss anyone off, especially an All-Star.

Also, the Magic could trade Dwight Howard to reload other positions. They could presumably pick up three starters in any trade for Howard, at the least I think.

Finally, Ryan Anderson, easily the bright spot of the last season for the Magic, is a restricted free agent. If he does leave, Big Baby can take his place. He played very well against Indiana and should be ready to take on more responsibility on offense.

So the Magic need insurance at center and point guard. But I think they figure those out and go in a different direction.

With the nineteenth pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, the Orlando Magic select Terrence Ross, the 6-6 SG out of Washington. He's one of the three best SGs in the class, allows the Magic to move forward from Jason Richardson, and he can space the floor and shoot threes, which is perfect for a Dwight Howard-centered offense. He's a solid on-ball defender and can handle the ball when needed. All in all, Ross is probably a top 10 or 15 talent in this class, and if he lasts until 19 the Magic have to pounce.

The Denver Nuggets are now on the clock.