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The Dream Shake 2012 NBA Mock Draft: Fourth Pick

Not everyone in Ohio is ugly!
Not everyone in Ohio is ugly!

Folks, the draft order has been established. Your devoted writers here at the Dream Shake have set up a mock draft, pick by pick, to be delivered to you daily. We will be going through the first round of the draft with our selections and our reasons why we think we will correctly predict the whole damn thing.

The fourth pick in the NBA Draft will be going to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The maligned Dan Gilbert squad may be in position to deliver on the promise made after The Decision if the Heat run into San Antonio in the NBA Finals. Now that that dig is out of the way, there isn’t much a chance it happens but the Cavaliers stand to get a great player out of the draft here. The Cavaliers could benefit from a SF or SG in this draft. Anderson Varejao has drawn a lot of interest but I think the Cavaliers here have to go in a specific direction to pair with Kyrie Irving.

With the fourth pick in the NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers select Harrison Barnes, small forward from the University of North Carolina. The Cavaliers need a running mate with Kyrie Irving and he has all the size and ceiling you want for a running mate. Kyrie will fill the role that Kendall Marshall played for Barnes at North Carolina and Barnes will be sure to step in and space the floor for them properly. The Cavaliers had the option to take the (Now) falling Thomas Robinson but they burned a pick on Tristan Thompson last year and I’m inclined to say you go SF and keep stocking talent this year. I know I’m not taking the BPA strategy at the moment but when the talent is this good like it is in this draft, you go ahead and let talent, potential, and need all mingle together to produce a wonderful talent pool for your team, especially this early.