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Added Perspective On Rockets Draftee Jeremy Lamb


Today we have Justin Verrier joining us to discuss Jeremy Lamb, the Rockets 12th pick. Justin writes for The UConn Blog and, and was kind enough to answer a few questions about Lamb.

Jump to hear Justin's commentary on the Rockets' newest Husky!

On Lamb's strengths and weaknesses:

Lamb has always had a mature game, even in the first few months of his freshman season. Kemba Walker greatly needed a quality running mate in the Huskies' 2011 title run and Lamb's game fit(s) just that: He doesn't turn it over, he's an efficient scorer -- particularly on 2s, which he shot at a 60 percent clip this past season -- and his long limbs often prove tough for opposing 2-guards.

He needs to bulk up and get to the line more often, and you'd expect him to shoot a little better from 3, but he should be a great second or third option in the pros. Anything more may be asking a bit much.

On whether Lamb is ready to contribute off the bench immediately:

I think so. He was an efficient shooter pretty much right off the bat, and he's athletic enough that he shouldn't need much of an adjustment period to the pro game. At the very least, his defense won't be as bad as Martin's.

On whether concerns about Lamb's consistency and aggression are merited:

Somewhat. It's embellished a bit because of his laidback demeanor, but he does shy away from contact at the rim and tends to pick his spots offensively. But decision-making is also his strength, so it goes hand-and-hand. He never really became UConn's go-to option last year when they desperately needed him to, but will he ever need to be that guy in the NBA, where "knowing who you are" is widely regarded as a key to success?

We thank Justin for taking time out of his day to enlighten us a bit about Lamb; let's hope Lamb lives up to his lofty potential.