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Dream Shake Free Agency, July 11, 2012

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Future Rockets Center? I'd take him over Dwight, honestly.
Future Rockets Center? I'd take him over Dwight, honestly.

Yes, it's not the 11th. Yes, the other thread is flooded full of trolling and trade proposals. Yes, I am the prettiest man on TDS. Here you guys go, a thread to get everything up to date. A quick recap of recent developments and important information:

  • The signing period opens today (Yes, I'm prorating this article, wanna fight about it?) so we'll see if Houston pulls any RFA offers for cap space (Sign of an impending deal?)
  • The salary cap is set and teams can go to work trading and signing free agents/matching offers on restricted free agents. No more "in principle" deals!
  • The Rockets are engaged in talks for a possible 3-team deal between Orlando and Los Angeles to place Bynum in Houston and Howard in Los Angeles
  • The Lakers are open to the idea of taking on Jason Richardson's deal (Not bad depth/put him at the 3 and amnesty Ron Artest) in a deal (Most likely means Turk to Houston but whatever, it's the cost of doing business).
  • The Rockets are also weighing options of a direct deal with Orlando for Howard (Yuck).
  • Lou Williams signed with the Hawks, so if they're prepared to offer Horford and picks for Howard they at least have some support for Josh Smith and Dwight if he winds up there.
  • The Timberwolves agreed to terms with Alexy Shved, just a note of personal interest more than anything else.

After the jump I'll let you know what I think real quick, this is a thread for you guys anyway.

The Rockets have a pair of second rounders and cuttable contracts from New York for Marcus Camby. They have picks from Dallas and Toronto and they could pull a Toronto on the lottery portion of their protected pick that is currently in Atlanta if they got desperate to throw their own first rounder to the wolves for a deal. I think a proposed deal that works for everyone would be Bynum, Richardson/Turkgolu (MAYBE Blake) to Houston, Dwight to LA, Martin, Morris, Jones, White, the Knicks second rounders, Toronto pick, Dallas pick, a future 1st/the Lottery portion of the protected pick conveyed to Atlanta (Through Brooklyn) to Orlando. The Rockets would subsequently have to act quickly and cut their Milwaukee and New York non-guaranteed deals and amnesty Scola or send out some more salary to make it work but really, if you're getting Bynum and company, why wouldn't you?

I've been harsh on Morey and company lately, and I'm still keeping them on close watch, but the acquisition of Andrew Bynum would go a huge distance towards righting this franchise and work to conceal 3 years of failing to accept that a rebuild may be necessary. Still then, you'd probably hear the argument that the whole thing could have been completed sooner rather than later had we rebuilt later. Whatever. Post rumors and have fun, kids.