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DwightWatch is in Full Effect With Latest Trade Rumor

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<em><strong>So, I'm gonna have the same Houston? Tough sell, bro.</strong></em>
So, I'm gonna have the same Houston? Tough sell, bro.

What a difference a day can make in the world of Ric Bucher. At this time yesterday, the Rockets still had no chance at Dwight Howard and he was going to Brooklyn, some how some way, dammit. But around 1 am Houston time last night, the worldwide leader dropped this new nugget of information on us:

Rockets officials, though, remain steadfast in their belief that, even if the Bulls decline to match on Asik, that they'll be able to absorb at least three of the four aforementioned Magic role players: Richardson, Davis, Duhon and Turkoglu. Sources say that the Rockets would have to send Kevin Martin, Patrick Patterson, Marcus Morris and Chandler Parsons to the Magic from their current roster to make the salary-cap math work, as well the draft rights to Jeremy Lamb, Royce White and Terrence Jones, all selected in last month's first round.

Yeah, that's quite a haul, huh? You can start your "Houston Magic" or "Orlando Rockets" jokes now.

I'm still very skeptical that this much would be outgoing in the deal, as it leaves Houston with about seven players on the roster. My belief is that this is just all of the players that have been discussed and ESPN, trying to be the first to break the story, has run with it. However, Marc Stein doubled down on the story about 20 minutes ago. So who the hell knows.

Is it too much? Is it worth it? Discuss DwightWatch for today here.

Update: As I predicted, Feigen is saying ESPN is exaggerating the compensation for Howard

Objections seem to be giving up so many kids (they're not) and Dwight leaving after 1 year (he might.) Last I heard, Rockets were not offering both of last season's rookies and all three of this year's picks. Many could be in a deal, though.

Update 2: Feigen also tweeted about the Bynum possibility

There were talks about the three-team deal with the Lakers for Bynum, but as mentioned Wed, that's the back-burner.

Update 3: Feigen says nothing is imminent, although both sides have been close

As for timing of a deal, Magic stepped back on Wednesday to "take a deep breath." They will consider options. Can't say when they're ready.

He also added his thought on the risk

That seems to be the main questions, but was asked about the gamble. It's all in. Morey is the guy that stands up and waits for the river.

Update 5: This will probably be the last Feigen update unless something crazy happens

Two frequent conversations so far in gym. Rockets are not offering all 5 kids. And no one knows who runs Rockets now famous twitter account

Which is totally funny because when yours truly first noticed it and tweeted out that picture of the Rockets official twitter account, I had no idea it would take off like that. Oh, and that national media would take credit for it without as much as a twitter h/t. I guess that should be expected with how much I tell them all to die in a fire all the time.