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Report: Bulls Not Expected to Match Rockets Offer to Asik [Update: Bulls Courting Darko]

<em><strong>Daryl Morey might steal another one?! OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!</strong></em>
Daryl Morey might steal another one?! OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!

Take it for what it's worth, boys, but rumor has it that Daryl Morey might go 2 for 2 in his restricted free agent quest this offseason. From Houston sports radio guru, Lance Zierlein:

So what would this mean for DwightWatch? Absolutely nothing. I'll explain after the jump.

BimaThug, Larry Coon and other NBA capologists have gone on record as saying that even with the addition of Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik that the Rockets, with the amnesty of Luis Scola, would still have room under the cap to potentially add Dwight Howard. It's crazy what some cap management allows you to do, huh, Knicks fans?

What might hold up a possible deal would be that it would limit the amount of bad money Houston could take back in a deal from Orlando, which is something that could potentially be a dealbreaker. But if it came down to that, I'm sure the two could get a third team involved to move some money around. So the pro-Dwight people can relax. This would change nothing.

The second most asked question I see is why would Houston pursue Dwight if they lock up Asik? Well, it's simple, really.

You've got a guy like Dwight Howard who has health questions already. What is the hurt in having a guy like Omer Asik backing him up? McHale could even put both of them on the floor at the same time in defensive situations. In other words, this is a good problem to have.

But even if Morey takes a pass on Dwight, adding Lin and Asik doesn't hurt the going young/rebuild scenario. To me, this is a win-win scenario. More updates as they come.

Update: According to Bulls beat writer KC Johnson, they're courting Darko Milicic. A sign that they're moving on from Asik?

The Bulls' pursuit of the veteran center lends more speculation to recent buzz that they will not match Omer Asik's three-year, $25.1 million offer sheet from the Houston Rockets, which likely will be signed on Friday. Asik spent Tuesday night here meeting with Rockets officials, including coach Kevin McHale. The Bulls aren't commenting publicly on their decision, which will have to occur within a three-day waiting period once the offer sheet has been presented. League sources initially were under the impression the Bulls would match the offer, which contains a so-called "poison pill" third-year salary close to $14.9 million. However, when the New York Knicks let Jeremy Lin sign the same offer with the Rockets, a growing sense developed among league executives here at the NBA Summer League that the Bulls will not match the offer.