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Monday Rockets DreamLinks

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A brief look at Omer Asik's offensive repertoire.
A brief look at Omer Asik's offensive repertoire.

In this segment, I'm going to take you through the noteworthy stories from the previous day, accompanied by a few of my daily musings.

With each passing day, it's looking more and more like Omer Asik is going to be a Rocket. On one level, this is a huge win for the Rockets; after years of struggling with patchwork at the center position, the team finally has a defensive anchor in the middle.

On another level, some are questioning whether the Rockets overpaid for Asik in their desperation to find a center. After an off-season where Daryl Morey stripped the roster down to its bare parts in protection of "flexibility," is it really smart to commit $25 million to a player who has yet to register the second double-double of his NBA career?

In my estimation, yes, yes it is. In a typical marketplace, committing nearly 15% of your salary cap to a player of Asik's caliber might be considered overpaying, but that is simply the climate that we live in in today's NBA. Kris Humphries got $12 million per year on a two year deal. Javale McGee dunked his way into $44 million over four years. Hell, even Jason Thompson found a $33 million deal from the Kings.

After watching the Rockets scrape for bargains over the last few years, it seems like the Rockets finally anted up and paid market value for a player they desperately needed. Remember that at the start of free agency, Asik, not Jeremy Lin, was the Rockets' number one priority. The Rockets clearly valued him heavily and were willing to gamble on him.

Asik's offensive ineptitude will hurt the Rockets, but if he can stay healthy and conditioned, the team can say goodbye to getting crushed routinely for 30 and 20 outings from Al Jefferson. With Jeremy Lin, Kevin Martin, and Jeremy Lamb potentially playing the bulk of the guard minutes, the team will welcome a disciplined shot-blocker who can help erase defensive mistakes.

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Ultimate Rockets " Anatomy Of A Deal: How The Rockets Landed Jeremy Lin
An interesting look from Jonathan Feigen on how the Rockets managed to bring Lin back to Houston.

Rockets Gaining Lin’s Skills And International Fan Base -
Kate Murphy gives us another take on the impact of Jeremy Lin in Houston.

Daryl Morey Will Never Trade Jeremy Lin - The Dream Shake
I hope you've already read Armin's latest post on TDS, but if you haven't, go do it now.

Will 'Linsanity' Take Root In Houston? - SFGate
Paresh Dave has a take on whether Jeremy Lin's economic impact will be as great to the Rockets as it was to the Knicks.

Barkley: Jeremy Lin Will Trump Tim Tebow | Detroit Free Press |
Anytime Charles Barkley says something positive about the Rockets, it's newsworthy.

Rockets Stuff

Scola Says Houston Rockets Want To Acquire Dwight Howard
An interesting interview by Chris Sheridan where Luis Scola gives some insight into the Rockets' strategy moving forward.

Ultimate Rockets " Following The Final Scenes Of The Lin Script, Rockets Appear Close To Landing Asik
The Chronicle's story on the likely acquisition of Omer Asik.

The Exciting World Of The Post-Dwight Houston Rockets - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
A belated link to Robert Mays's story on Grantland on how much fun the Rockets' roster could be if they don't get Dwight.

Selby, Lillard Named Co-MVPs " | Hang Time Blog
Jeremy Lamb and Donatas Motiejunas were both named to the All-Summer League team. If I'm not mistaken, Donte Greene was named to that same team before his rookie year.

Around the League

Ultimate Rockets " NBA Looking To Add Small Advertising Patches To Uniforms By 2013-14 Season
I'm not sure what to think, but this move has seemed inevitable for years.

2011-2012 NBA Season Recap Infographic
Milton Un collaborated with fellow artist Arthur Tanimoto to create this amazing NBA 2011/12 season recap. It's well worth the few minutes to go through the whole thing.