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Wednesday Rockets DreamLinks


After Patrick Patterson's promising rookie season, everyone and their mother was ready to trade Luis Scola to pave the way for Patterson to start at power forward. In a shortened sophomore season, well, he stunk.

No longer was Patrick Patterson the confident power forward who spaced the floor well with his jumper and sent shots flying into the stands. Instead, we saw a timid Patterson, one who struggled to finish at the rim, one who didn't have his feet set, a completely different man from the one we'd seen a year before.

As is so often the case in today's reactionary society, many began to write Patterson off. Ignoring the fact that Patterson rushed back from ankle surgery in a rushed season with no training camp, Patterson has been thrown into every imaginary Rockets' trade on the internet. To some, Patterson will never regain his rookie form, and he's doomed to a bench role for the rest of his career.

Well, guess what? Patterson is your likely starting power forward. And with no expectations on him to succeed, expect Patterson to more than hold his own. A Patterson-Asik pairing in the front court may struggle offensively with a lack of post scoring, but Patterson's outside shooting will allow Asik space in the middle to gobble up rebounds and score on put-backs.

If Patterson's ankle is back to 100%, there is no reason why he cannot replicate his rookie year numbers. Given how poorly Luis Scola played last year, that very well may be an upgrade at the power forward spot.

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Rockets Stuff

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Trade Talk

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Around the League

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