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Dwightmare Update: He's Still Crazier Than a Stoned, Unicycle-Riding Unicorn

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<em><strong>I don't get it...why can't you just give me what I want, you meanies!?!?</strong></em>
I don't get it...why can't you just give me what I want, you meanies!?!?

Did you enjoy the silence the last few days in all things Dwight Howard related? Well, you're about to hear a deafening roar as Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reports on the meeting between him and the Orlando brass today.

General manager Rob Hennigan had hopes of making one final push to woo Dwight into staying in Orlando long-term, but Howard has been reported to have said "no thanks," among other things. It's quite a few tweets from Woj, so I'll post them after the jump, but to sum it up; he wants Brooklyn, the Lakers or....else.

I'll explain.

Let's take a look at the novel that Woj has released on Twitter tonight:

Source w/ direct knowledge of Howard-Orlando meeting: "Dwight remained unchanged in his desire to be traded and has no intention of "Signing another contract or extension in Orlando." Magic GM Rob Hennigan told Howard he's trying to trade him but finding no acceptable deal. Magic waiting so long after draft and start of free agency to get serious on Howard deals has hurt offers.

Magic GM Rob Hennigan and assistant GM Scott Perry flew to Los Angeles to meet with Howard and his agent Dan Fegan on Wednesday. New Magic regime met with desire to start building a relationship with Howard, but it's all too far gone now. Howard wondered to Hennigan why offers on table w/ Nets and Lakers prior to Joe Johnson and Steve Nash deals were rejected, source says. If Howard gets to free agency in '13 without having been traded to Nets or Lakers, Dallas is overwhelming favorite to sign him, sources say.

You ready for the big one? Oh, yes, your Houston Rockets do get some attention in the update with this tasty little treat:

Howard's camp has consistently warned Houston not to trade for him, that he'd march right into Dallas' cap space next summer. Orlando officials have repeatedly told people they want the kind of knockout package Denver received for Anthony, but will it present self?

My first reaction? F*ck this clown, it's time to move on.

But another part of me says, Hell, call his bluff.

Look, I'm still in the camp that would be against the move because I don't want to deal with this kind of garbage all season. But I do think he would re-sign with the Rockets if the trade is made. It's clear that money is a very big deal to Dwight and I can't fathom him leaving $30 million on the table to walk 250 miles North to a Dallas team with a 35 year old Dirk and no one else. No one is buying it.

As far as Hennigan wanting an "Anthony Trade Package" for Dwight, there are two reasons he's never going to get that. First of all, Dolan isn't making this trade, so I doubt there will be overpaying quite like that. And second, Melo had made it clear of his intentions to sign long-term with the Knicks. No team is going to give up the farm for a guy who is this non-committal.

In the end, I'd sure like to know what Howard has against Houston. He's acting like they're Charlotte or some other team that has been in the basement seemingly forever. Is it Morey? Is it McHale? Is it the city? Who the hell knows with this guy.

Dwight is suffering from one of the worst cases of entitlement I've ever seen in a pro athlete. The Decision? That seems classy compared to the way Howard has handled this soap opera. Why the hell does he think Orlando should trade him only to where he wants to go? What do they owe him? Why would they take a smaller return to appease the guy who has killed all their leverage and will be leaving their franchise in shambles?

Here's to hoping Hennigan doesn't buckle to the cry baby and sends him to Washington or something.