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The Dream Shake's July 3rd Free Agency Thread

This is the look of a happy man... On opposite day.
This is the look of a happy man... On opposite day.

I hate open threads but some of you guys wanted to have one so here ya go. Make sure to remember if you're going to spark a rumor, cite a source. If the source is bad we retain the right to mock you a bit. What we have right now is this:

  • Daryl Morey and the front office completely exploited the Gilbert Arenas clause of the Collective Bargaining Agreement to offer Omer Asik his deal.
  • Omer Asik's deal can be officially signed on July 11th meaning the Bulls have til the 13th to match (11, 12, 13, three days total)
  • The salary cap is set on July 10th
  • The Rockets have engaged in talks with Eric Gordon and Gordon has expressed interest in building a winner and being part of a team more so than ring chasing
  • Eric Gordon has also met with the Phoenix Suns
  • Dwight Howard to Brooklyn talks are ongoing
  • Dwight Howard is still a crybaby
  • Talks with Goran Dragic and the Rockets seem far apart on a deal
  • Goran is meeting with Phoenix officials.

I'm sure I'll have something of substance up in the next few days but I have an assignment to get done by 5 o'clock today. Internet and cable is back up and running so I can be a more active participant/deterrent to conversation again. Enjoy!