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And There Goes Goran: Dragic Signs With Suns

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Goran Dragic is back with the Phoenix Suns, according to ESPN's Marc Stein.

RT @ESPNSteinLine: Suns move quickly after Steve Nash trade and strike four-year deal with Goran Dragic worth $34 million, sources tell ESPN

Sure takes loyalty to go back to the team that traded you away. Or maybe its "gullibility." Whatever the term is, Dragic is gone for more than $8 million per year, which was realistically the most Houston could offer him to stay. Wonder which Apple product Morey tried to sell him in the process.

We'll miss Goran, obviously. He gave us a heck of a ride during the latter part of last season and actually made the Rockets worth watching. There's a hint of bitterness here because amongst all the great things Dragic said about the Rockets, for some reason, the two sides never came close during contract negotiations. We'll leave it to Dragic to tell us how much a million extra dollars or so can do for him, because sadly, the Rockets just couldn't go above that.

Now, the Rockets face life with Kyle Lowry and Shaun Livingston at the point guard position, which would actually be pretty nice if Lowry wasn't so hellbent on getting as far away from Kevin McHale as possible. I'd be shocked if the Rockets didn't continue to shop Lowry over the next few weeks and months. If Morey expects Lowry to come back and do anything worthwhile after being shopped so heavily, then he's severely out of touch with reality. I don't think he is severely out of touch with reality, by the way.

Let's hope this is all the beginning of a full-on rebuild. We know Les Alexander isn't a huge fan of that sort of thing, but he needs to face the facts: The Rockets have faceplanted and facepalmed their way through the past few free agent periods and the big-time trades to bring "stars" to the H haven't materialized. I won't call it tanking, but EVERYONE in the Rockets organization should be convinced that Lowry, Scola and Martin need to leave and soon.