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Rockets Trade Kyle Lowry to Toronto

Just let me put this jersey on you, Kyle!
Just let me put this jersey on you, Kyle!

In a move that was several days too far removed from the NBA Draft the Rockets have decided that they still wanted to make the headlines with a deal only without that Andre Drummond guy being their draft target. Sources confirm that the Houston Rockets have dealt Kyle Lowry for a first round pick (Protections: top 3 in 2013, top 2 in 2014 and 2015, #1 in 2016 and 2017) and Gary Forbes (Confirmed by Feigen). We’re awaiting more details regarding the pick but the rumblings are that the pick is definitely a lottery pick (from the Rockets).

This move marks the first of the integral part of the core to be traded away this offseason that has been marked by massive let downs and impatient fan bantering. So far the Rockets have lost guard Goran Dragic to the Phoenix Suns, traded Chase Budinger to the Timberwolves, traded Samuel Dalembert to the Bucks, and renounced rights to Courtney Lee. The Rockets have made an offer to Omer Asik that the Bulls may match and they are still fiddling with the groundwork for Jeremy Lin’s contract extension in New York (If you don’t get the joke, get out).

What does this move signify for the Rockets? It signifies they moved a malcontent for a future pick and a young player. If we’re lucky the second malcontent will be on his way out of town (Kevin Martin) and, bless him, Luis Scola and his workmanlike manner would be the next one on a plane out of Houston. As it stands, the Rockets still have no guaranteed Center on the roster and even if James Johnson winds up being the piece sent down to Houston he’s 6’9" (Which makes him PERFECT for Houston).

Y’all needed a write up, I woke up from a nap with a text Lowry got traded. This is all ya get til more emerges and I can put time into an analytical piece tomorrow.