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Report: Aaron Brooks, Rockets To Meet This Weekend

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Right now, the Rockets don't have a point guard outside of Shaun Livingston. So, yeah, this makes sense, but what are the odds we'd ever see this again? Turns out the two need each other, just a short time after each decided enough was enough.

Moving on to the big picture: If you haven't seen BD34's update, the Rockets pick up a very fluffily-protected pick from the Raptors in the Kyle Lowry deal, per Jerome Solomon. Assuming the Raps don't make the playoffs all of the next five years or snag the number one overall pick each of the next five years, the Rockets get something.

Assuming the Rockets don't make the playoffs next year, either — let's be real — they're slated to have two lottery picks for what should be another exciting draft class. Now, will those picks stay in Houston or go elsewhere? Say, for Dwight Howard?

Apparently Howard is the target, per many, many NBA writers. If the Rockets can make the trade for Howard using a bunch of youth and picks, then what? If Howard chooses to stay and take the most money he could possibly be offered (which will most assuredly come from Houston), then great! If not, he'll leave Houston with a depleted roster, few draft picks and a giant, giant hangover.

It's too early for analysis, but this is what you face, people. Either a long rebuild, or a short rebuild, but whatever it is, welcome to rebuilding.