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Rockets Take One More Shot, Sign Jeremy Lin to Offer Sheet

Remember me? I turned 15 good games into $30 million guaranteed! I love America!!!
Remember me? I turned 15 good games into $30 million guaranteed! I love America!!!

Even though I still think we're about to head into a long rebuild, the way it should be done, Daryl Morey completed an offer sheet for Jeremy Lin for three years, with team option for the fourth. The deal is said to be heavily backloaded, similarly to the one that was given to Omer Asik a few days ago.

While the exact details are unknown, the deal is said to total the sum on $30 million and Jonathan Feigen is saying it is similar to the contract that Goran Dragic turned down the other day.

Even with the signing of 39 year old Jason Kidd, the noise coming from the New York media, and the ESPN pundits, is that the Knicks were still willing to match any offer for Jeremy Lin.

I said in my last post that I believe this is just noise and was posturing to get Dragic to come back, but apparently I was wrong and they went ahead and decided to see if they could steal him anyways.

Don't hold your breath.

But look at the bright side; at least Daryl Morey can troll the Knicks real hard and help put them in salary cap hell in the coming years. Good times!

Update 1: Ken Berger of CBS says:

"Knicks have prepared and planned for this, have every intention of matching offer."

Update 2: Woj has the terms and says:

"Offer sheet for Lin will pay him $5M in year one, $5.2M in year two and $9.3M in years three and again in team option year four"

Update 3: ESPN's Marc Stein says:

"Source w knowledge of Knicks' thinking: "They'll match any offer on Lin up to 1 billion dollars"

Update 4: Woj says

"As one rival GM said: "Houston knows New York will match, but it will be more money for them in the tax distribution in three years."'