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The Dream Shake Free Agency Open Discussion July 9

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Jeremy Lamb. Baaaaaaaa.
Jeremy Lamb. Baaaaaaaa.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, The Dream Shake writers proudly bring to you their free agency open threeeeeeeeeeeeead…. Rumors relating to Dwight Howard, talk around the league, and with a quick look at important dates coming up! This is, your chance to post rumors and complaints about the Rockets!

Please cite your sources and if you got that bit of nostalgia, I do it for you guys.

  • · The Cavaliers, Nets, and Magic are in talks for a major trade concerning Dwight Howard, rumored up to 14 players to be exchanged. Possible 4th team looking to get into the mix.
  • · Andrew Bynum did say Houston was a standout for his services IF he becomes a free agent
  • · The salary cap gets set tomorrow meaning the restricted free agency period begins on the 11th
  • · The Rockets are rumored to have interest in Aaron Brooks (Unrestricted Free Agent)
  • · The Rockets have a 3 year/24 million dollar deal offered to Omer Asik and there’s rumblings the Bulls may match
  • · The Celtics and the Bulls are interested in Courtney Lee and the Rockets are amenable to a sign and trade
  • · The Heat and the Knicks are interested in Marcus Camby and the Rockets are amenable to a sign and trade
  • · Interesting take from an interview with Kevin McHale yesterday: "I think we have restricted free agents we’ve talked to. And then we have a bunch of people we haven’t signed yet. After that, when we open up door No. 3, I’ll be able to tell you what’s behind door No. 3." (Houston Chronicle) Read into that what you may, it piqued my interest
  • · Dwight Howard looks like a spoiled baby in this whole free agency kerfuffle
  • · I’m positive you can be nonchalant but I’ve never heard of anyone being chalant

Alright folks, welcome to another day of free agency and deals in principle to be arranged. Let’s try to keep the crazy "2nd rounder, an expiring deal, and terrible contract for Bynum/Howard" to a minimum. With any luck, by the end of the day, Howard will be off the table and the Lakers will extend Bynum to put down that dog.