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Rockets Acquire Toney Douglas, Picks, Others for Marcus Camby

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<em><strong>You got how many picks for me?!</strong></em>
You got how many picks for me?!

It's quite humorous to think about it this way, but Daryl Morey pretty much just got Toney Douglas, Josh Harrellson and Jerome Jordan, along with second-round picks in 2014 and 2015, for Hasheem Thabeet and Jonny Flynn.

But you guys still want to run him out of town...

The rumors of Camby being moved in a sign and trade have been rampant all week. At first, it was thought to be to Miami for Joel Anthony and a 2nd round pick. Then to Brooklyn for whatever garbage they aren't planning to throw in for Dwight Howard. Then, today, it emerged that the deal with the Knicks was imminent and details would be out soon.

The eventual haul, which seems quite nice for the 38 year old Camby, who scored a 3 year contract worth $13.2 million. Yeah, them Knicks never get tired of throwing money away. Oh and by the way, they sent over enough cash in the trade to pay Douglas' salary for the year. It'll still go on the books for the Rockets, but it's a nice bonus for Les Alexander and Daryl Morey to buy some 2nd round pick in next year's draft and stash him across the pond.

Now, Feigen has said that Douglas is going to stay, but the other guys, which are all on non-guaranteed contracts, well their futures with the organization are still to be determined. It'd be nice to give Jerome James and Josh Harrelson (who played some center for the Knicks) a look in the middle, since only Greg Smith is currently on the roster at Center. But, I think Darly has a different center on his mind.

Woj tweeted that Morey refuses to give up on the rental of Dwight Howard and has re-engaged the Magic in the discussions, others adding that they are underwhelmed with the Nets offer. As they should be. Have you seen that monstrosity? But here is where it gets interesting. David Aldridge wrote in his latest hangtime blog that Houston was going after Dwight or Andrew Bynum.

With the acquisition of Steve Nash, I doubt the Lakers are ready to throw out their starting center...unless, it nets them Dwight Howard.

If Orlando really desires to rebuild and want mostly cap relief and draft picks, well the Rockets are their team. However, since Dwight can't push the tampon out and be okay with coming to Houston, how about a deal that gets picks and cap relief to Orlando, mostly from the Rockets since they actually have picks left, Bynum to Houston and Dwight to Los Angeles? It wouldn't be quite as cut and dry as that, as Houston would likely have to take on a bad contract such as Duhon, JRich or Hedo. But, they then have a guy who has made it clear that he'd sign here.

I'm not enamored with Bynum, as the dude can never seem to stay healthy. But at least he'd play here without needing a pacifier.