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Monday Links: What's Next For Daryl Morey?


As you probably know, Dwight Howard was traded on Friday morning. Not to the Houston Rockets. Now, Daryl Morey is left with a talented but somewhat ridiculous roster with about 14 power forwards, one center, and a 20 strong group that enters training camp with a shot at the roster.

Despite Morey's repeated assertions on the radio that he doesn't have to make another move anytime soon, history would indicate otherwise. The Rockets are chasing a star player, and there isn't a player on the roster that should stand in the way of that.

The only problem is that, at least for the foreseeable future, it's unclear on what stars would become available. Of the ten or twelve best players in the league, the vast majority of them are happy where they are and unlikely to leave.

For that reason, barring a shocking development (Chris Paul being put back on the market, etc.), I expect the Rockets to move forward full bore into a tank job that would give them their coveted top five pick. The team may make a value signing or two to pick up Carlos Delfino or another veteran, but that would simply be to pick up a potential asset for the future.

I'm bummed to see Howard slip through the Rockets fingers and have certainly made those feelings known, but now that the Dwightmare is over, a full-on rebuild is exact what the Rockets need. If the team can develop a homegrown star and bring winning basketball back to Houston, it could be the impetus that Houston needs to become a destination for free agents once again.

Daryl Morey may not be a great negotiator, but there is no doubt that he is one of the best talent evaluators in the business. Give this man a pair of lottery picks, and he could do something special next summer. And this year? We just have to enjoy the little moments that we get along the way. Jeremy Lamb and Donatas Motiejunas's first 20 point games, Royce White's first triple-double, or Jeremy Lin's triumphant return to Madison Square Garden.

It may not be the best year, but it appears to be the only move Morey has in front of him. Let's just pray Rudy Gay or Josh Smith don't make it into Rockets jerseys in the anytime soon.

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