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Who Is Your Rockets Cult Hero?

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It's that time of year where we have to start getting a little more creative with our posting, since there isn't much going on. And that's despite all of the transactional madness that is soon to take over Houston's roster-building any number of days now.

To keep you interested, the SB Nation NBA sites are running a series of weekly posts starting today about any number of different topics, and today's topic is fairly cut and dry: Who is your Houston Rockets cult hero? Who stands out among those who didn't exactly stand out on the court? These are the fan-favorites who might have been somewhat productive as players, but were perhaps better known for their fan affection.

I've listed a bunch of options below, although my range is limited going back to the early nineties and beyond. So help me out. By 3 pm today, either vote on one of the options below or make a write-in vote. I'll have a post up soon after with the winner.