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Report: Josh Harrellson Waived By Houston Rockets


According to Jonathan Feigen, the Rockets have waived Josh Harrellson to make room for Carlos Delfino, who the Rockets agreed with on Monday night. Here's his report:

Feigen also revealed the terms of the two year contract that Delfino will sign:

This is about as exciting news can get these days as we count down until training camp. With Greg Smith and Omer Asik in front of him at the center spot and about 6 others in front of him at power forward, Harrellson faced an uphill climb to make the roster. Add in the fact that his deal would've been guaranteed if he wasn't waived today, and you see why Jorts got the cut in front of guys like Diamon Simpson or Courtney Fortson.

Feel free to carry on with your days.