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If Patrick Patterson Were Your Rockets Head Coach, Kevin Martin Would Be Riding The Pine

Patrick Patterson is in China for reasons totally unbeknownst to me, but at the very least, he's doing some work with his Chinese shoe sponsor, Peak. In between supporting his kicks, Pat is also sharing valuable thoughts on liiiiife.


At some point during his visit Patterson sat down for an interview sponsored by Peak. For chill reasons, Patrick and the two co-hosts chillaxed together in tee shirts and shorts for almost half an hour, but the best part of the interview was when Patrick was asked to guess this year's starting five.

If I'm Kevin McHale, I don't know. But if I'm myself? Me of course, at the four. Jeremy Lin, one... [Jeremy] Lamb, two... Chandler Parsons at the three and Omer [Asik] at the five. As long as I'm in that starting position, I'm happy. So in my eyes, I see myself as a starting four. But it all comes down to what Coach McHale wants, what he sees fit and what he believes will help the team out.

Notably absent from Team Patterson? Returning Rockets leading scorer and our favorite expiring contract, Kevin Martin! Ladies and gentlemen, get your season tickets while you still can!

Between the Carlos Delfino signing and this little dandy, it's pretty clear that Speed Racer is on his way out at some point this season. I mean, Patterson just named off a rookie he just met to start over a teammate and leading scorer of two years.

Will Morey wait until the trade deadline to deal him? That would be nice to know, but just so we're clear, KevMart is set to have a fantastic case of the U MAD, BRO?'s if Patterson's depth chart takes form.

(But really, let's not pretend that half of you who read the headline have already mailed to the Rockets your support for Patrick to take Kevin McHale's spot by October.)