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VIDEO: Yao Ming Blocked A Bullet With His Hand

Rare footage obtained by multiple news outlets and now relayed to you above shows the following, a startling story from across the Pacific Ocean: A retired Yao Ming was recently playing basketball by himself in a dark gymnasium with an elephant. The elephant stood harmlessly in the corner watching Yao, trying its best to learn from one of the world's greatest players. You cannot blame an elephant for simply wanting to get better.

Moments later, an anonymous gunman entered the gym, sporting what appeared to be sniper rifle or some sort of gun with a scope. Poachers are known for singling out elephants, but this was quite a unique circumstance, as there have only been three recorded elephant shootings in Chinese gymnasiums in history. We'll check the numbers again, but that should be correct.

Suddenly, the gunman fired upon the elephant, as you can clearly see from the stellar camera work from the other innocent bystander hanging out in the gym. It was at this moment that Yao abandoned his basketball, ran towards the path of the bullet and raised his hand in the air. He then blocked the bullet — no, he swatted it away with force, saving the elephant's life and thus recording the first BB (bullet block) of his career.

Praise Yao. More on this as it develops.

(H/T: Pro Basketball Talk)

(See the link for a serious take on Yao's involvement with animal protection groups.)